Hiking in Southern France – Languedoc-Roussillon

Hiking in Languedoc-Roussilion

Languedoc-Roussillon Wanderreise
Hiking in Languedoc-Roussilion

Hiking, horse riding, swimming, cycling, sailing, the scent of wild thyme, strolling across the local farmers market, watching the hustle and bustle of Sommière’s market place whilst enjoying a cup of café au lait, or simply relaxing by the pool at the Mas de la Rivoire – in short: “Hike · Enjoy · Relax” – the motto of my unique hiking weeks in the sunny south of France, for those who love the “Midi”!

For around 20 years, France has been my main holiday destination. It was by chance, really, that I discovered the charm of the Sommières region in Languedoc-Roussillon. Since then I have been travelling to this traditional part of France several times a year in order to thoroughly, and often on foot, explore the Languedoc and Gard regions. Sommière itself is a small town on the Vidourle river which enchants its visitors with its southern French flair without being overrun by tourists.

Wanderreise Südfrankreich Languedoc – hier eine seilgesicherte Passage der
A path secured with ropes along the Gardon river

The itinerary includes six hikes, which I have selected and planned out carefully, and walked numerous times myself. They are suitable for people with normal levels of fitness, while complete beginners will work up a sweat on some of the hikes. Surefootedness is required as there are some steep parts on the hikes, as well as loose stones and rocky paths. However, you do not need to have professional mountaineering skills.

If you enjoy ruggedly picturesque landscapes, traditional southern France, sun and adventures away from the tourist trodden path, I would like to invite you to pack your rucksack and walking boots and join me in exploring Languedoc together.
Bienvenue en Languedoc-Roussillon!

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